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Five Tips To Hiring The Perfect Wedding Band
You have the ring on your finger and now it’s time to start thinking about wedding preparations. It can be a daunting task organising a wedding and finding the time to research and prepare for the big day whilst also juggling your job and life. However, the lead up to your wedding is a time that you will never forget, despite the stress and busyness. So, when it comes to thinking about the music for your night, here are some tips that might help you along the way. [one_half]
1) Research
There are a few things to consider when hiring a band. Have a think about what theme you would like for your wedding, do you want it to be a ‘classy’, ‘laid back and relaxed’, or ‘one big party’? If your theme is a classy event, the last thing you would want is for a goofy 3 piece band, with members wearing Hawaiian shirts, rocking up singing the Bee Gee’s. It may ruin the mood! Check out live video, and if you can, go and hear the band play live before you book them so you know what you can expect on the night. A showcase is the perfect opportunity to come along and hear any band play live and also meet the musicians in person, that way you avoid any surprises and make sure the music and vibe is exactly to the standard you would like for your special occasion. Don’t forget, music does set the mood for the night, so if you have a corny band belting out old love songs that no one knows, or that doesn’t inspire people to get up and have a dance, then you could be in for a disappointment.
2) Music
This is the fun part! It’s a great idea to sit down as a couple and go through your favourite songs and artists. Have a think about songs that have a particular meaning for you as a couple. This could be the song you heard when you first met, or one that was playing when he proposed or a special song that you listen to on road trips that brings back some great memories. Write them all down and send them to your band so that it gives them an idea of what type of music you would like played. They will use this list on the night as a guide to form set lists that will set the right mood and get people up on the dance floor. Remember, whilst it might be tempting to list every song you want played, the best bands are great at reading an audience and playing music to suit, but supplying them with a list of your favourite song styles will give them a good idea what to work with. [/one_half][one_half_last]
3) Budget
Let’s be realistic, weddings can be expensive events and when you add up the dress, venue, flowers, cars, invitations etc… Well, it all starts adding up fast. Before you cross live music off the budget list, first check to see if the band are able to work within your budget by changing the amount of musicians etc or if they can offer other solutions. Music is an important part and can make or break an event, so it’s definitely worth considering all options.
4) Space
When you book in your wedding venue, make sure you have a look at how much space there is for the wedding band to play. Some venues only have room for a 3 piece, whilst others can easily hold a 9 piece band. It’s worth having a chat to the venue managers and making sure there are no sound restriction in place that would prohibit a live band, and even ask about what configurations have worked successfully at their venue in the past. If you need help deciding what will fit, just give the band a call. Any good band will love to hear from you and help out where they can!
5) Dancing
Weddings are all about getting up and dancing and celebrating the special occasion with the Bride and Groom. It’s best to have a band that looks professional, sounds sensational and plays music that gets people up on the dance floor. Keep this in mind when researching what is right for you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your wedding is the one that is talked about the most amongst your guests because the music was so amazing and the dancing was so much fun? [/one_half_last] Hopefully, these small tips give you some things to start thinking about when planning your wedding entertainment. When it comes down to it, you are looking for a wedding band who are passionate about what they do, because it’s that passion and energy that gets the crowd going and helps create an unforgettable night!